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3somm secrets: The Little Chill

A guest brings you a bottle of white wine which is not chilled, or, heaven forbid, you forget to chill white wine that you want to serve as an apératif. Gazooks! Bunging it in the refrigerator will take three hours, the freezer will take one hour, and adding ice cubes can be so déclassé. Also, some of us have been known to forget the bottle in the freezer, sometimes with dramatic results...

What to do?

This chilling method works in three minutes and does not dilute the wine with water. First, put a little plastic sandwich bag in the wine glass; add three ice cubes to the bag; then pour the warm wine into the glass beside the bag (note: do not pour it into the bag). Wait three minutes, remove the bag of ice, and voilà: your glass of wine is chilled and ready to drink. Put the bottle with the remainder in an ice bucket filled with enough cold water to cover most of the bottle; this will chill it in 20 minutes.

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