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The Three Sommigos

A Value Approach to Wine

We are a family of three Sommeliers in Vancouver, Canada, who decided to help Wine Lovers (especially Canadians since that's where we are) better enjoy and appreciate the ever-expanding world of wine, and direct them to the best wine values.


Know little of wine? No matter: our goal is to break down the many aspects of this complex industry into easily digestible portions. From the vine to blind tastings, from Bordeaux to the Okanagan, exploring, decanting, savouring, and best of all, drinking it with your favourite dishes. Everyone has taste buds.












There are a lot of wines out there. In British Columbia alone there are more than 300 wineries, which is relatively small when compared to California's 4,200. Navigating through the BC Liquor Store and the many private stores is a daunting task, but there are a few pointers which help. Let's say there are three levels of wine: cheerful at under $25; value at under $50; and premium at over $50. Our focus is on the middle category, which contains ample examples of what wine can achieve. While we follow the 100 point system to rate wines, the market is pretty crowded in the 88 to 92 point sweetspot. Consequently we have simplified it into four categories: Good (85-88 points), Very Good (89-90), Superb (91-92) and Exquisite (93+). Our articles and tasting notes are designed help you find and expand your own personal sweetspot, and enhance your love of wine.

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The Three Sommigos: hard at work


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