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Curate Your Wine Collection

We create Wine Collections to suit your tastes and budget, whether they be 50 bottles, 500 or 5,000. Identifying your taste profile (do you prefer white wines like Chardonnay or red wines like Pinot Noir, or young and fresh wines versus aged and complex), your preferences regarding wine regions (for example Bordeaux versus Burgundy), and developing a plan that falls within your budget are key. A rule of thumb is to allocate one third of your budget to everyday wines, special occasion and those that should be aged. We are here to help you manage your Cellar.

Value Your Wine Collection

We evaluate your Collection by researching market prices to give you a professional appraisal, whether for insurance purposes or sale. Wine Collections that have been thoughtfully built over time for future enjoyment or investment can appreciate quite a lot. Many factors determine their value: vintage (wines can improve and become rarer with age); producer (wines from an established producer with a good reputation command higher values); and condition (wines which are properly stored will minimize the risk of going bad).

Somm To Go

We provide personal services such as private wine tastings tailored to the occasion, in-home wine-paired dinners and guided tours of British Columbia's growing number of wineries. A sommelier can add not only insights but also enhance the experience you are seeking.

Design Your Wine List

We design Wine Lists to reflect a restaurant's cuisine and style, while confirming that the chosen wines are available for it to purchase. There is also the matter of the design: using a layout and font type and size that does not show too many wines on a page, structuring the list into categories, adding visual elements to complement the text, and clearly showing enough details to permit the customer to make an informed choice.

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